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Cryogenic Freezer

Arya Agencies is proud of its groundbreaking cryogenic freezer for the long-term preservation of cells, tissues, and other scientific samples. Cryogenic storage in LN2 has been substituted in recent years by cryogenic storage in mechanical cryogenic freezers in order to prevent cross-contamination and to offer a more cost-effective, secure, and secure alternative. By using a cryogenic freezer, hazardous operational conditions and ongoing LN2 storage maintenance costs are avoided.

The cryogenic freezers are made for a wide range of uses, including research, long-term storage for cold-temperature scientific studies, and the preservation of samples including bacteria, cells, DNA, and bone. When compared to similar goods, the -190°C cryogenic freezers are among the most energy-efficient. No other -190°C product comes close to this level of energy efficiency at less than 5kWh/24h. Because Arya Agencies places a great emphasis on quality and has a wealth of expertise working with sturdy, simple-to-use storage boxes with clients in mind, samples will be kept safe with their cryo-boxes or racks system.


  • Designed for long-term cryogenic preservation
  • Safer and more convenient than LN2 tanks
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Security has never been better – with the optional LN2 backup system the samples are
  • protected against power failures and unexpected problems
  • Dramatically improved temperature uniformity compared to LN2 cryo tanks
  • Avoid potential cross-contaminations due to improper storage of samples, tissue, etc.
  • Smart and easy handle with built-in lock for restricted access
  • Reaches -190 °C in less than half an hour


Arya Agencies’ Vacuum jacketed piping is a type of tube equipment ideal for transferring liquid cryogen substances necessary for different types of industrial plants, whether

indoors or outdoors. It is used to carry cryogenic gases in liquid forms, such as liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, and other technical gases. It is also known as vacuum insulated pipe, VJ piping, and vacuum jacketed tubing. These installations have a special design that allows them to preserve materials at the proper cryogenic temperatures by preventing heat transfer processes and heat leaks.

Although vacuum jacketed piping has been around since the beginning of the 1990s, recent advancements have made it possible for this technology to offer superior insulation and simpler installation and maintenance. An inner and an outer pipe form the system of a vacuum-jacketed pipe. The inner pipe, which is covered in extremely insulating materials, is in charge of transporting cryogenic liquids. Between the two pipes, a vacuum is produced that shields liquids from unintended heat losses. Vacuum jacketed piping may use a distinct design strategy to accommodate the unique needs of each cryogenic material.

Vacuum jacketed piping plays a key role in different sectors as a crucial part in

industrial plants in need of transferring cryogenic substances such as LIN (liquid

nitrogen), LOX (liquid oxygen), LAR (liquid argon), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas),

LHe (Liquid Helium), LH2 (Liquid hydrogen).


  • Heat leaks that degrade the consistency and performance of cryogenic materials are prevented Arya Agencies’ vacuum-jacketed tubing ensures that chemicals are kept cool and liquid, maintaining their purity. Problems with evaporation are eliminated. While good insulation ensures limiting them and, as a result, ensuring efficiency and lowering costs, heat leaks result in gas losses that exit the system.
  • Reduce excessive vapor issues and provide cooling capacities as the system or client requires Prevent ice from forming in pipes by preventing gas leaks from building up and leaving them while they are still very cold
  • Potential safety risks are reduced Vacuum-insulated piping reduces gas leaks to a minimum, which also lowers any potential dangers to safety. As a result, the system is a secure substitute for ensuring the security of both systems and people.
  • Hygiene issues such as moisture on pipes and other applications can be avoided  Arya Agnecies’ vacuum-jacketed piping system is easier to be cleaned, preventing bacterial growth and facilitating easier maintenance processes. This is key in certain industries, such as the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Regulated by strict standards and norms, the use of vacuum jacketed tubing facilitates guaranteeing hygiene and eliminates potential bacterial contaminations.


  • Air Separation Units and plants
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Automobile industry
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Metallurgical facilities
  • Petro Chemical industry
  • Industrial and manufacturing plants, including the food sector among other products

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